damn boy
damn boy
Hi im emily and tom daley is at my house soo byeeeee. aha I WISH.
k lemme go cry.
eeek hes so cute.
hes glowing guys

i missed you guysssss


its jenna emilys friend. i will be taking over her blogs for a little while. she is in the hospital for a concussion. but she is doing well and will be out soon. but for now 



i hate to self promote but i REALLY need more followers on my personal

im gonna lose followers but oh well :/

amen sistah
Anonymous said: there's a guy i liked in like april, he's a ladies man, super fit & attractive, plays football. so many girls like him and he's such a flirt. we've known each other since grade 7. we started talking lots in april, & hes so sweet & i started falling for him. we started drifting this summer. we talked like twice. we're going back to school on wednesday and idk if i should start talking to him again :\

Then I was like:

ive been in a similar position. honestly i waited for him to talk to me so i wasent like all up in his face and diddnt seem desperate. he did and we became really good friends and did date. we were better off friends with benefits tho. i think thats always good. i dont really want to date my guy friends because i don’t know it just seems wierd. but you are you. so just wait until he talks to you and if he never does than it wasn’t meant to happen. sorry for that little story tho loll. :)

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i want to share my wisdom with you people. loll

send in something you need advice on or just you know anythannnng.

Anonymous said: Do you know who wrote the fic "I'm a Diver Not a Swimmer"

Then I was like:

well there is probably lots out there named that since thats his catch phrase so i have no idea.

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